Winter warmth

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Winter has definitely got to be my least-favourite season.  I am not a cold weather lover!  In my opinion, the only good thing that comes from winter are the must-have clothes.  I am a sucker for sweaters, scarves, and boots, but that’s probably mostly because it keeps me warm when I have to go outside!  (Jokes) Us fashion lovers are extremely fond of dressing up in winter wear because all of the layering really adds to the personality of an outfit!  In the outfit above, the sweater dress I am wearing comes from a brand called Cherish.  The dress is lightweight and soft, but it is somewhat breezy, which obviously calls for a thick cardigan to be layered on top of it.  The cardigan I am wearing is super thick, soft, and so warm!  It is definitely my favourite cardigan to wear this winter, and it is from the Serena Williams brand.  The sneak peek of my knee-high boots above are from Forever 21 that I bought this winter season, and I am absolutely obsessed with them!  They hold up perfectly, and are so comfortable to wear!  Stay tuned, because I will definitely be posting more winter outfits with my new boots!  Stay warm out there!

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Missing Summer

IMG_0138 (2) IMG_0140 (2)IMG_0178 (3)IMG_0179 (3)IMG_0189 (4)IMG_0191 (2)IMG_0203 (2)IMG_0205 (3)IMG_0206 (2)

Ooooh how we all miss summer right about now!  Yes, we all love our scarves and boots, but there’s nothing wrong with looking at previous summer photos and missing the warmth of the sun!  In these photos here, I still had my summer hair colour. At times I miss my blonde streaks, but they’ll be back by the time summer comes around again here in the next six months!  Every time a new year starts, I go ahead and start counting down to summer,  because it is by far my favorite season!  I absolutely love summer clothes, especially crop tops and long skirts.  The crop top is from Forever 21 while the floral skirt is from Charlotte Russe!  My favourite pair of sunnies is from Charming Charlie! There’s nothing wrong with going ahead and planning what summer outfits you’re going to want once the weather warms up – the sun will be blazing once again before we know it!

Christmas lights

IMG_0550 (3)IMG_0554 (2)IMG_0566 (2)IMG_0579 (2)IMG_0583 (2)IMG_0610 (2)

Publishing these photos a little bit late, but these were some of my favourites that I took for Christmas so I still had to share! My big red sweater is actually a thrift store find.  Even though I am [obviously] a fashion lover, I still thoroughly enjoy finding crazy good finds at a local thrift shop!  I know almost everybody has a weakness for thrift stores and searching for sales, and sometimes thrift shops have some expensive brands that people just throw out! The sweater above is well-made and extremely soft, and goes perfect with knee-high socks.  The socks above are the same socks in my “Knee-high socks” post.  I am mostly posting these photos to let you all know a little bit more about me.  Along with my love of fashion, I have a huge love for photography as well.  I enjoy taking weird pictures and do my best to try to make them look diverse.  So occasionally, I post photos that have a more eclectic feel to them, instead of the usual “ootd” posts.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love “outfit of the day” photos, but I enjoy switching up the imagery a bit!  I have had a love for photography since I can remember, and fashion blogging helps me put taking photos and fashion together in one thing!  I wish I would have thought to start a blog long ago, but if I could give any advice to all of you, it would be that it is never to late to pursue your dreams.  That sounds cliché, but I used to believe that I wasn’t good enough to try, and that if I tried to pursue a fashion blog and share my photos that I would just be laughed at for trying.  Then I realized that those people who laugh at you and degrade you don’t matter.  The only people who matter are the ones who stand with you when the world is against you.  If you stand strong, your success will be the one laughing at those you laughed at you.  Be yourselves and love what you do! xx


Red Lips

IMG_1013 (2)IMG_1015 (2)IMG_1023 (3)IMG_1025 (2)IMG_1053 (2)IMG_1060 (2)IMG_1077 (3)IMG_1107 (2)IMG_1127 (3)IMG_1144 (2)IMG_1140 (2)

The number one thing that all girls need to complete their face of makeup is the perfect lipstick.  My go-to colour to use is almost always a classic red.  This particular pick shown above is 403 – EVA’s RED from the L’Oréal Eva collection.  Valentine’s Day is coming up in about a month and all of us girls LOVE a red lipstick on that particular day, so this lipstick I have here would be a perfect purchase if you were needing some new red lips for V-Day! The quick peeks of the dress above is from Windsor!  Stay tuned, though, because as Valentine’s Day approaches I’ll be posting photos of the full dress, and this dress is an ideal choice for February 14th!  My sterling silver bracelet above is one of my favourites from Tory Burch, and I love it even more because it was a Christmas gift! My ring is obviously from James Avery, which almost every girl has a weakness for! xx

Black & White

IMG_0427IMG_0390 (2)IMG_0407 (2)IMG_0418 (2)IMG_0361 (2)IMG_0430 (3)IMG_0443 (2)IMG_0425 (2)

These photos here were taken on my birthday, so I had to wear two of my favourite colours – black and white!  I love wearing a black and white combo, because you can do absolutely anything with an outfit with those colours.  A red lipstick goes so well with this outfit because it’s the perfect pop of color!  The little black turtleneck dress underneath the white coat is from an online shop called Shop Priceless, which is a great store to go to in your PJ’s if you’re looking for cute, affordable clothing!  The white coat is from the well-known H&M, and it’s basic style is perfect because it goes with almost any outfit!   The scarf is from Charming Charlie, which is my favourite place to get my accessories from!  I love the plaid design on the scarf, not to mention it is extremely soft!  This scarf will definitely be my favourite to wear this winter not only because of how soft it is, but because it matches with so many of my winter outfits!  My nails shown in the first picture are a matte wine colour.  This colour is my favourite to wear this winter season on my nails, and I have yet to stray from this particular shade for weeks now.  Us fashion lovers know that dark nails are a must for the cold weather, of course.